Pluie de sardines au Honduras

Every Year, the Sky ‘Rains Fish.’ Explanations Vary.

La Unión, a small rural community in Honduras, where residents report an annual “rain fish” and where, four days before, locals recovered silver sardines that had supposedly fallen from the sky. Credit Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times

YORO, Honduras — Things don’t come easy in La Unión, a small community on the periphery of Yoro, a farming town in north-central Honduras.
Poverty is universal, jobs are scarce, large families are crammed into mud-brick homes and meals often are constituted of little more than the subsistence crops residents grow — mainly corn and beans.
But every once in a while an amazing thing happens, something that makes the residents of La Unión feel pretty special.
The skies, they say, rain fish.

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